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Independent ethics committee in India

Society for the Promotion of Ethical Clinical Trials (SPECT) is a non for profit organization set-up with an objective of promoting ethical clinical trials in India. Incorporated under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860, SPECT is actively engaged in executing activities intended to develop competency and skills required for carrying out world-class clinical research. All the activities of SPECT are charitable in nature without a direct benefit to any of the founder member.



  • SPECT-ERB is an independent body constituted of medical professionals and non-medical members, whose responsibility is to ensure the protection of the rights, safety and well being of human subjects involved in a clinical trial or BA/BE study. More...

  • Clinical Research Awareness and Training Activities
  • SPECT is actively engaged in imparting clinical research awareness and training to doctors, clinical research professionals, ethics committee members, faculty and students of medical, pharmacy and life-science disciplines.

  • Weekly Question Forum
  • In its endeavor of continuing clinical research education, SPECT has made a unique initiative by launching a weekly “Question Forum’. Under this forum a thought-provoking question is posted to clinical research professionals on weekly basis followed by answer with expert opinion in the forthcoming week.
    Independent ethics committee

  • Distribution of Clinical Research Books, Articles and Posters
  • In order to meet its objective of competency and skills development, SPECT has distributed over 1500 copies (on complementary basis) of following clinical research books to various stakeholders:

    • Becoming A Successful Clinical Trial Investigators
    • All You Need to Know About Clinical Research
    • The Big Book of Clinical Research

    SPECT has developed and distributed various training posters highlighting the applicable regulatory requirements and best practices for carrying out specific clinical trial activities. These include:

    In addition, SPECT has circulated relevant clinical research articles to various stakeholders with an aim to impart clinical research awareness and training.

  • Infrastructure Development Activities
  • SPECT has been instrumental in developing the standard operating procedures of various Institutional Ethics Committees such as Curie Centre of Oncology (Bangalore); Life Care (Kolkata); Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital (Pune); Global Health Research Group (New Delhi) etc. In addition, SPECT has conducted various training workshops for EC members across the country.

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